Sea sports

Splendid seas, favorable winds, interesting seabed, and most of all friends to share the pleasure of the experience. Watersports in Limnos is a large summer celebration! Enjoy!


Exploring the aquatic universe.

Crystal clear seas, enormous underwater wealth and endless exploration options. Underwater photography, spearfishing, acquaintance with the underwater flora and fauna of the seabed. The geology of Limnos creates ideal conditions for explorers of the deep. An inexhaustible sources of adventure and discovery, the seas of Limnos attract more and more divers.

For the safety of archaeological treasures, diving is prohibited in the area of Myrina and the area between the bay of Bournias and Plaka. 

The diving school in Moudros provides training for beginners as well as a meeting place for experienced divers. Upon completing basic training, diving down to 6 meters (18 feet) is permitted, accompanied by the instructor. Naturally, keeping up with classes will enable you to dive on your own.  One of the most beautiful diving spots on the island for underwater exploration, is the wreck of Kobi in the Fakos peninsula, as well as the pyramid-shaped rocky point in Evgatis. 


The surfboard becomes a magic carpet.

In the heart of the Aegean, open to the four winds, regardless of the direction, in Limnos you’ll find a wavy beach. And best of all, they have relatively low depths. Ideal for surfers.
Each year, Greek and foreign fans travel to the island to relish their passion, train and meet members of the global surfing fans community.

Surfing, windsurfing and even kitesurfing! In the seas of Limnos, surfboards turn to magic carpets for a journey into the Aegean’s blueness.
In Keros beach, two surf clubs operate, surf club, both in an eco-friendly manner, eco-friendly with both trainers and the necessary equipment of highest quality. Beginners and experienced surfers alike enjoy the waves of east Limnos in that spot. Kotsinas is also a standard option for fans of the sport. Salted veterans of the waves, connoisseurs of the sport come to Gomati in September or October in the colder and thus stronger wind while the waters remain yet warm. Additionally, a very interesting beach for windsurf, windsurfing, kitesurfing or just surfing surf is Kokkinovrachos, near Poliochni, with ideal conditions for playing with the waves.