The Area

The beauties of Lemnos!
Many and unique! After all, every place is unique and separate from every other. Likewise for Lemnos, there is no similar beauty in the whole Aegean or the world!

Walk to Myrina and the Castle
Spend a day in the capital of the island, Myrina. Walk through the traditional cobbled streets of the city and admire the stone mansions that will pop up in front of you. Make a stop at the Archaeological Museum of the City which the Italians have built. It is one of the most beautiful museums you will ever see. Above the picturesque town awaits you the Byzantine Castle built by Andronikos I Komnenos. Visit it and if you're lucky you might come across a deer as the Castle has been a valuable deer refuge for years. Coming down from the Castle, visit Limanaki tis Myrina with its traditional color, fishing boats and taverns by the sea.

Poliochni: the oldest city in Europe
Visit the oldest city in Europe, Poliochni, which is located opposite Troy. Poliochni began as a small Neolithic village in the 4th millennium BC. and developed into a thriving copper city. Moreover, excavations carried out on the island from time to time proved the existence of Neolithic civilization in Poliochni. So wander around the oldest city in Europe and see pottery, huts, granaries, aqueducts and parliament buildings from another era.

Visit to the Sanctuary of Kaveri and the Cave of Philoctetes
On the North-East side of the island is the Sanctuary of Kaveria, which is 47 km from Myrina. The sanctuary refers to the Tyrrhenian era and was then used for the realization of special events, the famous Kaveria Mysteries. After taking a guided tour of the Sanctuary of Kaveri, visit the cave of Philoktitis which is located directly below the Kaveri. According to mythology, the Homeric hero was brought here by his companions after being bitten by a snake, hoping that he would be cured!

Panagia Kakaviotissa
This small church is located near the village of Zemata, in the Thanos region, 4 km southeast of Myrina. It has been known since 1305, the year it became the property of the Megisti Lavra monastery. Impressive is its location in a hard-to-reach cave, at the top of Mount Kakavos, among imposing rocks!

Ammothines: The desert of Lemnos
As in the Sahara, so in Lemnos, the strong northerly winds constantly reshape these golden sand hills, resulting in an unusual visual spectacle against the deep blue sea!